Buying a house in today’s super busy lifestyle is not an easy task. It requires a lot of footwork and time. Many to-be home buyers have expressed their opinion that house searching is the biggest challenge, especially for those who dwell in big cities. Numerous weekends are wasted in physically visiting the property site, and nothing substantial is achieved. Needless to say, it is because of this hardship that people, after they have made their minds to invest in a property take months or sometimes, even years to finalize one. And, the ordeal doesn’t end here. Once the property is finalized, the search for a suitable lender for home loan starts. Here, comparing home loan rates and charges shouldn’t be the only parameter. Almost all banks throw attractive and eye- catching home loan advertisements in various modes of online and offline media. However, borrowers should save themselves from getting trapped in their wordy circle. Owing to this, Tata Capital, a leading name in financial services across the country has come up with an Online Home Store to serve its customers in a better way.

What is Tata Capital Home Store?

The online home store will provide end to end home buying experience to its customers. Tata Capital’s one-stop online shop was launched on 10th Nov 2016. The dual benefit of finding the right property and the right type of loan makes the Tata Capital property search a user–friendly and unique product. It allows buyers to browse through thousands of properties online and show them the right properties based on their filters and preferences. It also provides the buyers access to the relevant property documents and to apply and get a home loan approval online. You can download the Tata Capital home store app via Google Play store and Apple Appstore.

According to Mr. GovindShankaranarayanan, COO, Tata Capital, “The launch of our online home store, following the success of our online car store last year, extends our footprint in the digital space. With this, we have streamlined all property information and services under a single roof. We hope aspiring home buyers will now find it much easier to identify and purchase properties within their budget.”

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How Tata Capital property search in India operates?

The user has access to important information about the property like price, floor plan, location, availability of social amenities like schools and hospitals in the vicinity of the property, developer’s background and credibility, and the status of home loan approval by Tata Capital. The Tata online store has more than 15,000 products in the select eight metros of the country. The store gives the to- be customers the option of comparing properties across the country and shortlist some, based on their budget and choice.  And the best part is, all this can be done at the cost of a click. They don’t need to physically visit each and every property; they are interested in. Similarly, going to different lenders is also not required as Tata Capital promises to give the best kind of loans in the market. Not only, the prospective buyer can apply for a home loan online, but he/ she can also obtain the real- time conditional approval online. NRIs can also apply for an online home loan with a co- applicant.

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Tata Capital understands that in the digital world of today, it is very important that the financial services, to go online. Tata Capital Home search is the result of the company’s customer- centric approach for the evolving digital customers in the financial market.

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