One of the personal finance lessons that have been passed onto us from previous generations is to avoid loans. This advice is right in spirit but difficult to implement in current scenario. Just take a look at high property prices and you will know that for middle class people, it’s impossible to purchase a house without home loan.

And interestingly, the responsibilities don’t end after taking the loan. They only begin. There is no perfect way to manage your home loan. Every borrower is in a different financial situation that required difference approach.

But there are some good-to-know principles that can help in better management of home loans.

Once you have taken a loan, it’s a no brainer that you should be diligent about paying your EMIs on time. This will ensure that your credit score improves and you are not perceived as a defaulter.

When you get a loan approved, it’s possible that EMI is equal to 30% of your salary. But as years pass, your income increases. So the ratio of Emi/Salary decreases. You should make sure that you pay higher than initial EMI – as and when your income increases. This kind of pre-payment can reduce your interest amount substantially during your loan tenure.

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Most salaried people get some additional amount as an annual bonus or commission at least once a year. Do make sure that you use a part of this amount to prepay your loan to reduce the outstanding amount. This will help reduce your interest outgo.

Also, a longer tenure means a lower home loan EMI but higher interest cost. So if your income permits and your other expenses are under control, consider reducing your loan tenure by increasing the EMIs.

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You can also consider transferring your existing home loan to other lenders that are offering lower home loan interest rates. But that should be done after considering other costs like processing fees, transfer charges, pre-closure fees, etc.

These are some ways in which you can better manage your home loan and save a lot of money.

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