Stamp duty and registration charges form a considerable part of your investment in a property. These charges are either based on the registered price of the property or the ready reckoner rate. The ready reckoner rate is the minimum rate notified by the government for transactions of property registration in Delhi.

Stamp duty in Delhi is levied as a percentage of declared agreement value or the assessed value as per the circle rate chart, whichever is higher. Registration charges are levied over and above the stamp duty for the registry of property.

Factors affecting stamp duty and registration charges in Delhi

The property registration charges in Delhi are impacted by certain parameters. The important ones are:

● Property Location-

The location of the property determines the rate of levies. Charges in some localities are higher than the other ones. For example, properties in category A are levied higher rates than properties in category B.

● Age of the property-

The stamp duties for old properties are lesser than the new ones. This is because stamp duty is charged on the value of the property and lower value of old properties attract lesser stamp duty. Use our stamp duty calculator to easily calculate stamp duty.

● Usage-

The stamp charges in Delhi are also determined by whether the property is used for commercial purposes or residential purposes.

● Owner-

The charges also differ based on the gender and age of the owner.

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Stamp Duty and Registration Charges in Delhi 2020

Owner Stamp Duty Rates Registration Charges
Joint (male and female) 5% 1% plus Rs. 100 pasting charge
Female 4% 1% plus Rs. 100 pasting charge
Male 6% 1% plus Rs. 100 pasting charge

Age multiplier

Birth Year Multiplier Rate
Before 1960 0.5
1960 – 69 0.6
1970-79 0.7
1980-89 0.8
1990-2000 0.9
2000 onwards 1

Ready Reckoner Rates in Delhi

Area Private Apartments DDA Apartments
Multi storey apartments Rs.1.10 lakh Rs.87,840
Up to 30 sq mtr Rs.55,440 Rs.50,400
30 sq. mtr to 50 sq. mtr Rs.62,652 Rs.54,480
50 sq. mtr to 100 sq. mtr Rs.79,488 Rs.66,240
Above 100 sq. mtr Rs.95,250 Rs.76,200

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Payment of stamp duty and registration charges in Delhi

The stamp duty can be paid by e-Stamping. An e-Stamp paper is available at many Corporation Bank branches. This is a convenient and fast process for the payment of levies.

The accepted payment modes are as below:

Net Banking

e-Wallet Registration Account


Debit Card


Account to Account Transfer

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