Here’s another ray of hope for India’s battle against the deadly pandemic! The country has begun administering the booster dose vaccination from the 10th of January. Also called the precaution dose by Indian authorities, it is available for all frontline health workers and citizens above 60. But, it’s not restricted to only these age groups. What do we mean?

Any fully vaccinated person must take their booster dose after 9 months of receiving their second shot. Since vaccination began with the frontline health workers and citizens above 60 years, they automatically become eligible for the booster dose before any other age group.

However, whatever age you may be, you cannot receive your booster dose without presenting your final vaccination certificate. 

How to register for booster dose vaccination in India?

Ideally, you should use the CoWIN portal to re-register for your booster shot. Alternatively, you can also get an onsite appointment.

Follow the steps listed below to register for a booster dose on the CoWIN portal:

  1. Log on to and click on the tab that says ‘Vaccination’.
  1. On this page, enter your mobile number – the one you used previously for COVID vaccination.
  1. If someone else had registered on CoWIN on your behalf, they’d receive an OTP, which you must quickly ask and enter in the space provided on this page. If you had self-registered, enter the OTP as directed.
  1. After logging in, your dashboard will already have your details stored. Here, you will also see information about the precaution dose and the available slots in the appointments module.
  1. Click on the tab which says ‘Precaution Dose’ to book an appointment.
  1. You can choose the appointment as per your ‘Location’ or ‘Pincode’. Once you’ve booked your appointment, you’ll receive a confirmation email, or you can directly download the appointment details from the website.

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Booster dose eligibility criteria

As of now, only frontline healthcare workers, people with comorbidities who got their shots early, and citizens above 60 can avail of a booster dose or precaution shot. All other individuals will automatically become eligible for their booster doses only after crossing the 9-month or 39-week cut-off from their second vaccination date.

Other guidelines

  • Know that you’re eligible for a booster dose by the same company you chose during the first round of vaccination. For example, if you chose Covaxin previously, your booster dose will be a third Covaxin shot, and no mixing or matching is allowed.
  • CoWIN will send alerts reminding the eligible citizens to register for their booster dose when they become eligible. The portal will also update itself once an applicant receives their shot.

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Over to you

Make sure you don’t delay your booster dose registration on the CoWIN portal. However, if you are reeling from COVID presently, you must wait for 3 months before applying for the precaution dose.

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