At the beginning of the year, Samsung made headlines by launching a 219-inch TV with Micro LED display technology. After the success of its previous innovation, the electronics giant recently launched three more ultra UHD TVs in India. Samsung has long been known for manufacturing expensive TVs, but the new series aims to change that perception. The Super 6 Series is also the brand’s answer to competitor, Xiaomi. The series is designed to meet the growing expectations of consumers and comes at an affordable price, as compared to other 4K televisions in the market. As the name suggests, Samsung’s Super 6 Series is loaded with six innovative features- Live Cast, Tune Station, Screen Mirroring, Lag-Free Gaming, Real 4K resolution, and 60K+ Titles. Still not convinced? Here’s more.

Appreciate the finer details

All three variants of the Super 6 Series are powered by Purcolor technology. The new technology offers you high definition content with unmatched sharpness and delivers the finest detail in every frame. Moreover, the Super 6 TVs have 4 times more pixels than normally found on full HD premium TVs.

Synchronize your TV with a smartphone

Samsung’s Super 6 4K UHD series is loaded with an innovative Live Cast feature that lets you broadcast your special moments on the TV by using your smartphone. The screen-mirroring technology allows you to mirror content from your phone to the TV. You can play your favourite memories captured in your phone and mirror it on to the big screen.

Turn your TV into a music system

The series offers an outstanding 4K UHD picture quality and superior performance. Moreover, the innovative tune station feature enhances the overall audio experience by turning your TV into a music system.

Enjoy Lag-Free Gaming and 60K+ titles

Equipped with an integrated Quad-Core processor, the Super 6 series promises a lag-free Game Mode. You can play games like PUBG and Fortnight while using your smartphone as a controller. The smart series comes preloaded with over 60K titles and apps such as Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies, Jio Cinema, Sony Live, and Eros Now.

Samsung Super 6 Series Ultra HD TV variants, price, and availability

The Super 6 Series will be available only via online channels like Flipchart, Amazon India, and Samsung’s online shop. The 4K televisions are available in three variants of 43-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch. The series is priced at Rs 41,990 for the 43-inch TV, Rs 51,990 for the 50-inch screen size, and Rs 61,990 for the 55-inch screen size.

With 6 special features, Samsung’s new series is a tough competition to most other TVs available in the same price segment. Want to bring the Super 6 TV home? Check out Tata Capital consumer durable loans. You can get an instant approval for a loan up to Rs 5,00,000 and enjoy the flexibility of easy EMIs, all at an interest rate starting from 0%.

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