Looking to swap out your old smartphone with top phones 2019? Samsung and Oneplus are the two most trusted companies in the Android space. In fact, when looking to compare mobiles, a majority of buyers compare smartphones from Samsung and Oneplus to purchase the top phones in the market.

One of Samsung’s most noteworthy model, the Galaxy s10, instantly achieved a spot on the best phones 2019 list after its launch in March. Not too long after, the launch of the Oneplus 7 Pro in May too, quickly gained popularity as one of the best phones.

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Features                             Samsung Galaxy s10 Oneplus 7 Pro   Verdict
Price The Samsung Galaxy s10 falls under the high-end category with a steep starting price of Rs. 61,900 and the top model is sold for Rs. 76,990. The Oneplus 7 Pro has a more reasonable, mid-range starting price of Rs. 44,999. Its top model is priced at Rs. 53,999 which is still more economical than the s10’s base model. The Oneplus 7 Pro beats the Samsung Galaxy s10 with its affordable price point.
Storage Capacity It has 128GB and 512GB internal storage capacity along with a fixed 8GB RAM for all models. The Oneplus 7 Pro offers 128GB and 256GB internal storage and varying RAM options ranging from 6, 8 and 12GB. The Oneplus 7 Pro is a close winner with its sizable RAM. While the s10’s top model offers more internal space, its high price point makes us lean towards the Oneplus.
Display The Samsung Galaxy s10 has a stunning 6.1-inch Dynamic AMOLED touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass v6 to protect its gorgeous display. The Oneplus 7 Pro has an equally remarkable 6.67-inch Fluid AMOLED touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass v5. While the Samsung Galaxy s10 offers better colour accuracy, superior colour gamut coverage and better contrast ratios, the Oneplus 7 Pro offers a variable fresh rate which displays more images than the s10, rendering it the go-to phone for avid gamers.
Battery Life The Samsung Galaxy s10 has a powerful 4,000 mAh battery along with warp charge technology. The Oneplus 7 Pro has an above-average 3,400 mAh battery but is equipped with fast-charging technology. While the Samsung Galaxy s10 has the better battery, the fast-charging technology of the Oneplus 7 Pro makes up for it. There is no clear winner here but people who are always on the go may benefit from Samsung’s long-lasting battery.
Camera The Samsung Galaxy s10 possesses a triple-lens camera with 48MP for the main camera, 8MP telephoto lens, 16MP tertiary camera along with a 16MP front camera. The Oneplus 7 Pro has a Dual Pixel 12MP main camera, 16MP ultra0wide camera and a 12MP telephoto lens along with a Dual Pixel 10MP front camera. The Oneplus 7 Pro beats the Samsung Galaxy s10 with its pop-up front camera which is perfect for video streaming as opposed to the s10’s hole-punch camera which leaves a black hole in the corner of the screen, thus ruining the movie experience.

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