The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are two of the best phones launched by Samsung this year. These top phones are currently available in India from Rs. 55,900 all the way up to Rs. 1,14,900.

The Note 9 is available to customers in two variants, the 256GB variant and the 512GB variant, based on respective size requirements. The S10 Plus, on the other hand, is available in three variants, the 256GB variant, the 512GB variant and the 1TB variant. Both the phones have performed well in the Indian market in terms of sales their respective sales, become top phones of 2019. In addition, the two phones offer very similar specs. With the help of some comparison and smartphone tips, it’s possible to identify the best smartphone for one’s needs.

Phone Specifications – Similarities and Distinguishing Features

The two phones have minor differences in terms of specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, which was launched more recently, has a slight leg up over the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in the form of minor upgrades in the display and camera capabilities. Both phones are compact and light with the same screen sizes. Galaxy S10 Plus, however, has a better screen, an improved, ultra-wide camera, and offers faster wireless charging. The Note 9, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper than its counterpart and comes with a unique S-Pen stylus.

The S10 Plus uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor whereas the Note 9 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The S10 Plus also offers superior ram at 8GB and 12GB as opposed to the Note 9’s 6GB and 8GB. The key difference between the two phones is the camera. While the S10 Plus is distinguished by a three-lens camera, the Note 9 has only a dual-lens camera.

The Best Smartphone Between the Two

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is definitely the better phone but only marginally. In terms of overall performance, the S10 Plus offers only a minor edge in terms of its capabilities over the Note 9. It makes more sense to purchase a Galaxy Note 9 over an S10 Plus if you’re comparing the two in terms of the value for money. However, if your most important criteria for purchasing a top phone is the performance of the camera, its advisable to opt for the S10 Plus.

Regardless of one’s personal preferences and priorities, these two phones represent top-notch options in the current Indian smartphone market. The catch, however, is that they are both relatively pricey and can disturb your monthly planning of personal finances. In this instance, EMI mobile options – like a mobile loan or a consumer durable loan offered by Tata Capital – can help ease the financial burden of owning the best smartphones. With Tata Capital’s attractive mobile loans, you can your hands on one of these highly sought-after best phones of 2019.

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