In the fast-charging battery battle, many brands have recently come up with improved charging capacities, but OPPO Reno Ace takes this game to a whole new level. The innovative Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO has officially confirmed that Reno Ace will be the first smartphone to feature the world’s fastest charging technology ever made. Here’s all the scoop on the smartphone.

Performance and Battery

The most attractive feature of the phone is its amazing performance. Reno Ace is expected to run on the powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus, paired with a 12 GB RAM, and up to 256GB of internal storage. The storage can be expanded up to another 256 GB with a microSD card. The processor is ideal for gaming and offers a slightly faster CPU and GPU performance as compared to the standard 855 snapdragon chip. OPPO Reno Ace will feature 65W fast charging which can charge its 4000 mAh battery in just 25 minutes. The phone takes only 5 minutes to go from 0% to 30% and hits 50% in just 10 minutes!


You can expect OPPO to supersede your expectations when it comes to looks and design. Reno Ace’s front is all glass, shielded by super durable 6th Generation Corning Gorilla Glass, known to offer the best protection against accidental drops. The back is made of frosty glass and it lined with a metal frame that holds everything together. 


OPPO Reno Ace will sport a 6.53-inch curved edge display with FHD+ resolution. The phone flaunts thin bezels and offers a near 100 % screen space. Most smartphones in the same price segment are equipped with 60Hz screens, but Reno Ace offers you the experience of a 90Hz screen, similar to OnePlus 7 Pro. The high refresh rate not only enhances your overall smartphone experience by delivering smoother and clearer graphics, but it also makes your eyes feel a lot less tired after extensive use. The display smoothly adjusts to light and darkness.


Reno Ace is packed with a versatile rear camera system with four sensors, each with a distinctive purpose. The primary 48MP camera, followed by an 8MP sensor can capture astonishing details both indoors and outdoors. There are two more sensors of which the details are not yet known. The camera offers features like the ultra-dark mode that can be used to brighten dark scenes, HDR+, portrait mode 2.0, video editor, and many more. There is also a 16 MP selfie camera with several beautification enhancement options like skin smoothing, eye enlargement, face thinning, etc.


In India, OPPO Reno Ace is expected to launch at Rs. 29,990 on Oct 10, 2019. Reno Ace promises an unmatched performance and a first of its kind battery capacity. The phone is well designed and sports a camera that can light up your social media! If you want to get your hands on Reno Ace, and fall under the age group of 21- 65, check out Tata Capital consumer durable loans with instant approvals and flexible EMIs.

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