The introduction of smartphones, brought with it a wide range of new features and innovations, all with the goal of making our lives easier. Every year, the best smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi launch new and improved top phones with incredible features. In 2019, we saw some of the best phones with an all-new feature. Foldable smartphones are in the news. This breath-taking feature adds flexibility to your smartphone, with some of them folding outward while others having an open and close display.

Foldable smartphones seem like a thing of future, with their beautiful designs and multi-functional features. Not sure if foldable phones are worth the investment? Read our guide to find out and get some smartphone tips to improve your user experience.

Improved Multi-tasking

A lot of smartphones nowadays offer the feature of using two different applications at the same time. However, the small screens makes it highly uncomfortable to use both the applications together effectively. Hence, the big and flexible display of foldable smartphones make it easier for you to multitask on your phone, without being confined to a limited space.

Increased Portability

Due to its size, a foldable smartphone ca be as big as a tablet. Hence it offers you the benefits of both, a phone and a tablet in one device. No longer do you have to carry all your gadgets while travelling; all your needs can be fulfilled by just one phone. Moreover, its flexible nature allows you to carry it with ease in your pocket, like a regular phone.

Camera Quality

Leading companies, with their foldable smartphones, offer exceptional camera quality for all photography enthusiasts. A foldable smartphone allows for a single sensor to act as the front and the rear camera. You can fold your smartphone in a certain manner to either click a selfie or a normal picture.

Reduced Risk of Damage

Foldable smartphones aim to reduce the risk of damage. They are designed with high resistant and flexible materials to ensure that your device doesn’t break or crack on impact. There are still chances of the phone getting chipped or cracked, however their lifespan as compared to other smartphones is relatively longer.

Improved Features

In addition to its other features, foldable smartphones are predicted to change the world of gaming on mobile phones. With the availability of two different screens, one screen can be dedicated to the game, while the other can be used for controls. This is the reason many gaming applications are designing updates to support foldable phones for the added functionality.

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