Quick, smooth, convenient. This is what you’re looking for even when getting a high-end smartphone. A good camera is just the cherry on top. The best phones in the market that tick all the above boxes come down to two options – the iPhone 12 and the OnePlus 9 Pro.

So, OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12, which one is better? Which one should you pick up? To answer all these questions, let’s compare the OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone 12.

1. Design – iPhone 12 vs OnePlus 9 Pro

The iPhone 12 and the OnePlus 9 Pro could not look more different. The OnePlus 9 pro comes with a gigantic 6.7-inch display, making the iPhone 12 Pro appear surprisingly small in hand. And it makes sense. The iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display is also a more compact phone in width and thickness. Clearly, in the iPhone 12 vs OnePlus 9 Pro one-handed use duel, the iPhone 12 wins.

Now let’s compare iPhone 12 and OnePlus 9 Pro fronts, shall we? The fronts of the two phones look starkly different. While the OnePlus 9 Pro tends towards an all-screen look with a hole punch for the front camera, the iPhone retains its characteristic notch cut out even in the iPhone 12.

When you compare the OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone 12backs, you realize both the phones come with frosted glass backs and have a metal frame to support them. So, both phones support wireless charging. The iPhone 12 retains its notification slider, and so does the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Moreover, both the smartphones are dust and water-resistant and come with an IP 68 rating. Even so, the OnePlus 9 Pro offers lesser water resistance. While the iPhone Pro can survive over 6 meters of water for 30 mins, the OnePlus 9 Pro can barely manage 1.5 meters simultaneously.

So, which is the better-designed phone when one compares the OnePlus9 and the iPhone 12? Well, it’s iPhone solely because of its added water resistance.

But can OnePlus 9 Pro score better than iPhone 12? Let us compare iPhone 12 and the OnePlus 9 Pro further to find out.

2. Display – OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 and the OnePlus 9 Pro do not disappoint with their displays. Each comes with an OLED panel, but the OnePlus 9 Pro offers greater customization.

The 6.7-inch AMOLED panel on the OnePlus 9 Pro has two colour modes – vivid and natural. Moreover, it comes with a quick refresh screen that dynamically maxes out at 120 Hz. This means gaming or watching your favourite NetFlix show; both are enjoyable on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

The iPhone 12, in contrast, has a noticeably duller display without the bells and whistles. It has a single colour mode and comes without any refresh-rate customizations. While the on-screen animations make the scrolling and swiping experience smoother in the iPhone, the display lacks quickness.

Thanks to its better screen, the OnePlus 9 Pro emerges victor in this round ofthe OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12.

3. Performance – OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12

The OnePlus 9 Pro and the iPhone 12 are the big guns in their segments regarding performance. So, when you compare the OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone 12, which performs better?

The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with the capable Snapdragon 888 chipset; depending on the RAM, one can get top-notch performance. The OnePlus 9 Pro can handle even heavy-hitting games like Genshin Impact when maxed out. What’s more, the load times are fairly quick too. So, does it emerge the winner in this OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 standoff?

But the iPhone 12 beats the OnePlus 9 Pro hands down, thanks to its A14 Bionic chip. For perspective, it grabbed a record 3,859 points on the Geekbench 5 test for general performance. The OnePlus 9 Pro, in contrast, managed to only earn a respectable 3,685 on the same test.

This A14 Bionic chip is a beast that handles games and processes heavy apps such as Adobe Premiere Rush smoothly. That said, while the OnePlus 9 Pro lags when putting head-on with iPhone 12, it isn’t noticeable.

4. Camera – iPhone 12 vs OnePlus 9 Pro

The camera can make or break a smartphone buying decision for a compulsive photo-taker. Here’s what you should know about the OnePlus 9 vs iPhone 12 camera if you identify as one.

The OnePlus 9 Pro is equipped with an incredibly powerful 48 MP main wide sensor, an 8 MP telephoto camera, a 2 MP monochrome camera and a 50 MP ultra-wide camera with a freeform lens. Add to it, it has support from the photography giant Hasselblad. This helps the OnePlus 9 Pro capture detailed shots with incredible colour accuracy. The night mode is a big step up from the previous year’s.

But when you compare OnePlus 9 Pro and iPhone 12 camera shots, you notice a stark difference. The iPhone, with its 12 MP ultra-wide camera and 12 MP main lens, outperforms the OnePlus by retaining greater detail, adjusting exposure and displaying more appealing colours. Moreover, the iPhone is consistent and shoots better, brighter and more saturated pictures at any time of the day.

So, which is better – The OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 camera? The iPhone 12 is better.

Up to now, the iPhone 12 is dominating the OnePlus 9 Pro. But can OnePlus 9 Pro match up? Let’s compare iPhone 12 and the OnePlus 9 Pro to see.

5. Battery life – OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12

The last thing you want is your phone dying out in the middle of the day. And if you’re a heavy user, a good battery is all the more important. So, iPhone vs OnePlus 9 Pro, which has the better battery?

If you didn’t know, the OnePlus 9 Pro has a giant 4500 mAH battery split into two cells. While the huge battery is a dead giveaway of the great battery life you get when using the phone, the fast charging capabilities, thanks to the dual cells, only heighten the experience. The OnePlus 9 Pro comes with a 65 W charger out of the box that can juice up your phone in 30 minutes.

The iPhone 12 lags with its 20 W charger, even with its smaller battery. At 2815 mAH, the battery barely manages to get one through a regular workday.

When you compare iPhone 12 and OnePlus 9 Pro head-to-head, the OnePlus 9 Pro outlasts the former with its bigger battery that charges faster.

Sr. No.SpecificationsiPhone 12OnePlus 9 Pro
1.DesignGlass back and metal frame, camera bump. IP68 water-resistantGlass back and metal frame, camera bump. IP68 water-resistant
2.Display6.1-inch OLED display6.7-inch AMOLED display with 2 colour modes
3.PerformanceA14 bionic chip. Smooth lag-free performance.Snapdragon 888 chipset. Snappy performance with 120Hz screen refresh-rate.
4.Camera12 MP main and ultrawide cameras. Better night mode, colours and saturation.48 MP main wide sensor, 8 MP telephoto camera, 2 MP monochrome camera, 50 MP ultra-wide camera with a freeform lens. Dull, unsaturated pictures that retain detail.
5.Battery2815 mAH4500mAh with fast charging

Table 1: OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 comparison table

OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 – Which is better?

From the above OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 comparison, it’s clear that the iPhone does well in some respects while the OnePlus does better in others.

If you want a phone that takes superior pictures, offers great performance and will last you several years, choose the iPhone 12 pro. But if you want snappy performance, are a power-user and want the flexibility of Android, go for the OnePlus 9 Pro instead.

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