Following the recent events in the country, a lot of Indians are consciously moving away from Chinese brands and getting rid of the dependency on them. Mobile phones and gadgets are one of the prime markets in which a majority has been captured by Chinese brands. However, if you want to buy a non-Chinese brand, there is plenty of choice available. This choice isn’t restricted to Samsung, unlike popular opinion. Here are some of the other best mobile brands in India, hailing from different parts of the world and offering the best non-Chinese mobiles across price brackets.


USA-based Apple is the indisputably the most premium smartphone brand in the world. It has a unique appeal due to which people are willing to buy iPhones at skyrocketing prices. Because of their unique designs, durability, and smoothness of functioning, iPhones stand out. The performance of iOS is rated as better than that of Android phones by many experts. iPhones don’t go below Rs.30,000, but with an EMI mobile loan, it can be worth it along with being easier on your wallet. You can opt for a 0% EMI facility such as Tata Capital’s Consumer Durable Loan.

One of the latest iPhones launched in India was the iPhone SE (2020) priced at Rs.42,500. Another great option is iPhone XR which costs around Rs.55,000.

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Nokia, based in Finland, was recently taken over HMD Global. It has launched a wide range of Android smartphones in the last few years. One of the best mobile brands in India, the unique brand image of Nokia makes sure that its entry-level nostalgic feature phones still remain popular.

The latest Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia 7.2 are some of the best non-Chinese mobiles. These come with high-quality Snapdragon chipsets, classy glass backs, compact frames and sleek builds, apart from Nokia’s seamless interface and other features. Buy any Nokia phone and you can always be assured of a robust, resilient body. Another unique feature of new Nokia phones is the stock Android OS, which lets tech geeks play with the software and explore their phones.

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Asus is a Taiwan-based technology giant which is primarily known for its efficient, durable, and reliable laptops. Their smartphone range in India is limited but extremely competitive. The latest flagship ROG Phone 2 is easily one of the best non-Chinese mobiles in the country. It delivers Asus’ famed gaming experience within the confines of your mobile screen. For the non-gamers, Asus 6Z and 5Z are relatively lower-priced and highly efficient. They have something for the budget range as well, with the Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2. Asus phones offer the best-in-class hardware, a high-functioning cooling system, along with a seamless UI and attractive designs, which makes them highly desirable.

If you are dreaming of the Asus ROG like a lot of other gamers, you can certainly do so without financial stress, thanks to an  EMI mobile loan.

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Motorola has made quite the comeback in recent years with a diverse range of smartphones. It became one of the best mobile brands in India with its latest innovations. The Moto Z, Moto Z2 Play, and the Moto G5 Plus all have powerful Snapdragon chipsets, exceptionally bright and vivid displays, good battery lives, and good RAM strength. Plus, there are those trademark Motorola looks, efficient hardware, good UI, good camera quality, and graphics processing. You can get a good-to-excellent Motorola phone within the range of Rs.8000 to Rs.20,000 and above at this point, which is at par with cost-effective Chinese smartphones.


Apart from these four top brands, you also have a few other good brands to choose from, such as LG, and Lenovo. There is actually a very wide range for you to choose from. Check out some of the 2020 models and take your pick as per your preferences. As far as finances are concerned, you need not worry at all when you can get an EMI mobile loan through Tata Capital’s Consumer Durable Loans. This loan can give you advantages such as 0% EMI, flexible tenures ranging from 6 months to 24 months, and a quick approval system with minimal paperwork. The best thing about it? It’s all only a few clicks away.

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