Our smartphones go everywhere with us. While convenient, this also exposes our phones to dust and water, which can ultimately cause damage to even the best phones. This is why most smartphone brands are introducing waterproof models. Here is a list of the best phones 2019 that are water resistant.

1. Google Pixel 3

Google is known to produce the top phones in the market. With Google Pixel 3, it has further strengthened its leading position in the market. The Google Pixel 3 can stay up to 6.5 feet underwater for 30 minutes. Even though it is not recommended to carry your phone with you for a swim, daily spills and drops of water will not cause any damage.

Google Pixel 3

2. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung has you covered with its stylish and multi-feature Galaxy S10. The phone uses the highest level of waterproof technology to ensure it always stays safe from damage. It can survive up to 5 feet under water for approximately 30 minutes, which means that water spills or droplets do not cause any harm.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

3. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro offers word-class features with high-quality cameras. The phone is highly water resistant and can survive for 30 minutes, 6.5 feet under water. No more worrying about damaging your phone after accidently dropping it into the shower!

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

4. Apple iPhone XS

Apple is known for using innovative technologies for designing incredible top phones 2019, which hold a place of their own in the market. Apart from the many breath-taking features that Apple has to offer, the Apple iPhone XS is also waterproof. The phone can manage an immersion of 6.5 feet of stable water, for up to 30 minutes.

iPhone Xs

5. Apple iPhone XR

One of the best smartphones, the iPhone XR offers waterproof features. The iPhone, which is offered in many vibrant colours, can survive droplets and daily spills without incurring any damage. The phone can survive up to 30 minutes in 3-feet deep water and still function as good as new.

iPhone XR

6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s Note 9 comes with a powerful processor along with a sleek look. It is highly water-resistant and can survive for approximately 30 minutes, 5-feet deep under water.

Samsung Note 9

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