As the demand for refrigerators has increased over the years, the market is flooded with various models and brands offering a wide range of features and prices. Choosing the right refrigerator within a budget can be a daunting task. To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the six best refrigerators under Rs. 50,000 in India.

Refrigerators between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 50,000:

LG Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GL-I292RPZL)

  • Company name: LG
  • Model number: GL-I292RPZL
  • Capacity: 260 Litres
  • Type: Double door
  • Price: Rs. 37,290

This refrigerator from LG is a double-door fridge model with a capacity of 260 litres. It has a frost-free cooling system and comes with a digital inverter compressor. It has a smart diagnosis system and a multi-air flow cooling system that ensures even cooling throughout the fridge. The slim inverter compressor saves energy and reduces noise.

It also has a door cooling feature and a smart connect feature. The price of this refrigerator is Rs. 37,290 and it can be purchased online and at retail outlets.

Key highlights:

  • Suitable for a family of 2-3 members
  • 3-star energy rating, which makes it energy efficient
  • Smart inverter compressor, which ensures silent operation and longer cooling retention
  • Moist balance crisper and an anti-bacterial gasket to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer
  • Automatic defrost system, which prevents ice formation and makes maintenance easier
  • Child lock and a stabilizer-free operation, ensuring safety and protection against voltage fluctuations

Samsung Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT28T3483S8/HL)

  • Company name: Samsung
  • Model number: RT28T3483S8/HL
  • Capacity: 253 Litres
  • Type: Double door
  • Price: Rs. 32,290

This refrigerator from Samsung has a capacity of 253 litres and is a double-door model. It has a frost-free cooling system and a digital inverter compressor. It also has a door cooling feature and a power cool feature.

Key highlights:

  • Twin Cooling Plus technology for optimal temperature and humidity control
  • Digital Inverter Compressor for quiet and energy-efficient operation
  • FlexZone drawer for customizable storage and flexible food organization
  • Door alarm to alert if the door is left ajar
  • Power Freeze and Power Cool functions for quick temperature adjustments
  • Ice Master ice maker for a ready supply of ice
  • LED interior lighting for bright and clear visibility of stored items
  • Child lock for safety and prevention of unintended changes to settings.

Whirlpool Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (IFPRO BM INV CNV 370 3S)

  • Company name: Whirlpool
  • Model number: FPRO BM INV CNV 370 3S
  • Capacity: 355 Litres
  • Type: Double door with freezer-on-bottom
  • Price: Rs. 42,990

This Whirlpool refrigerator comes with a 6th sense deep freeze technology that maintains a temperature of -25°C, providing an ideal environment for storing ice creams and frozen items. It also has a moisture control knob that maintains the humidity levels inside the fridge, ensuring that the fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a long time.

Key highlights:

  • Built-in, integrated fridge freezer with a stainless steel finish
  • Separate cooling system for the fridge and freezer compartments
  • No-Frost system to prevent ice build-up
  • Multi Air Flow system for even temperature distribution
  • LED lighting system, electronic temperature control, and an A+ energy efficiency rating
  • Features an automatic defrost function, and a door open alarm

Toshiba Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GR-RB423WE-PMI(37)):

  • Company name: Toshiba
  • Model number: GR-RB423WE-PMI(37)
  • Capacity: 349 Litres
  • Type: Double door with freezer-on-bottom
  • Price: Rs. 44,490

The Toshiba Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (GR-RB423WE-PMI(37)) is a high-quality and energy-efficient fridge that is designed to keep your food fresh and cold for longer periods of time. It features a frost-free design that prevents ice build-up, allowing for easy maintenance and ensuring that your food stays fresher for longer. The refrigerator also has a double-door design, providing ample storage space for your groceries and other items. Additionally, it comes with a range of convenient features such as a built-in water dispenser, a LED interior light, and a digital temperature control panel. Overall, this Toshiba refrigerator is a great option if you’re looking for the best refrigerators under Rs 50000.

Key highlights:

  • Frost-free technology prevents the build-up of ice and frost
  • Double door design offers separate storage compartments for fresh and frozen items
  • Large capacity of over 370 litres
  • Multiple shelves and compartments for organized storage
  • Energy-efficient with a high-star rating
  • Inverter compressor for improved cooling performance and reduced noise
  • LED interior lighting for improved visibility
  • Multiple temperature control settings for different types of food items
  • Durable and long-lasting design.

Samsung Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT34B4513QB/HL)

  • Company name: Samsung
  • Model number: RT34B4513QB/HL
  • Capacity: 324 Litres
  • Type: Double door
  • Price: Rs. 39,900

The Samsung RT34B4513QB/HL is a top-mount refrigerator with a capacity of 345 liters. It features a digital inverter compressor, a twin cooling system, and a base stand drawer for additional storage. It also has a stylish design with a sleek black finish and modern LED lighting. This refrigerator is ideal for families looking for a versatile and efficient cooling solution.

Key highlights:

  • Frost-free technology to prevent ice buildup
  • Double door design for easy access and organization
  • Large capacity for storing a variety of food and beverages
  • Energy efficient design to save on electricity costs
  • Multiple compartments and shelves for organized storage
  • Digital temperature control for precise temperature regulation
  • Automatic ice maker for convenient ice production
  • Door alarm to alert when the door is left open
  • LED lighting for easy visibility of contents inside the fridge.


In conclusion, if you are looking for the best refrigerator under Rs. 50,000 in India, you have a wide range of options to choose from. From various types of double-door fridges, you can find the perfect refrigerator for your needs. Whether you are looking for a refrigerator under Rs. 45,000 or one under Rs. 50,000, you can find the best refrigerator for your budget. With the right research and comparison, you can find the perfect refrigerator for your home.

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