What Details Should You Check Before Buying a Used Car?

Mar 06, 2017

Buying a used car takes away most of the financial burden on the buyer than a brand new car, therefore, making it a sensible purchase. However, buying from a well founded source like Tata Capital used car in India portal is a must in order to avoid issues later on. Once you finalise the Tata Capital used car, the most important aspect is to check the history of the car. Some of the crucial things to check before buying a used car are mentioned below.

Odometer reading

While most buyers check the maximum number of kilometers a car has travelled to decide whether or not to buy, it's equally important to check the minimum distance travelled. Go for a car that has covered less than 50,000 km and more than 10,000 km in three years because cars are meant to be driven not just sit in a garage.


The age of the used car is another factor. If the Tata Capital used car has crossed five years, you should pass on it. As an old car may have a lot more issues than you can afford to handle. Also, older cars come with car finance or car insurance issues.

Car ownerships

If there has been only one owner of the used car, it's certainly a good sign. But if there is a second or third owner, you should look for another car at Tata Capital used cars in India domain.

Original Car Papers

When you buy Tata Capital used car in India, make sure you ask the owner to provide original RC along with car insurance papers, vehicle history report, car warranty and maintenance certificate. Original documentation means less chances of discrepancy. The car insurance reveals whether the car has been in any accident while the maintenance records show if it has seen any recurring technical faults.