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Checklist for Documents when Buying a Used Car in India

Mar 02, 2017

Whether you are buying the used car from an individual seller, a used car dealer or a company, you must ensure that all the paperwork is in order to avoid future issues. Prior to the final payment, checking documents is necessary and here is a list of documents that you must ask for.

Registration Certificate (RC): It's the most important document that provides all the necessary information about the used car in India. Check whether it's original or duplicate. If latter, find out reasons and enquire with RTO for authenticity. Make sure engine number and chassis number are the same on RC. In case the car is registered in another state, you must get it registered in the state you are planning to use it.

Insurance: Get the car insurance transferred in your name before buying a used car in India. Make sure the insurance premiums are duly paid and also confirm if the car insurance has ever been claimed by the previous owner or if it has been in a car accident.

Form 32 and 35: Get the Form 32 and 35 from the owner in case a loan was taken out to finance the purchase. It's a no-objection certificate from the lender to attest that the car loan has been paid off.

Road tax receipt: The owner must have paid off the road tax. If not, you may be held liable for a penalty. Get a copy of the receipt from the seller.

Other documents: You should get a car purchase invoice if you are buying from an individual seller and get the name transferred in the Pollution Under Control certificate as well.

The abovementioned documents are a must when buying a used car in India. Apart from the documents, also ensure that the car is in good shape by getting it minutely examined.