5 Reasons a Used Car is a Practical Buy in Your 20s

Mar 02, 2017

Ashwini was 24 years old when she decided to buy her first car. But she was still paying off her student loan. She also had to send some money to her parents each month. So, she decided to buy a used car. After all, it was much more affordable than a new car. The decision was a good one for Ashwini. She found a good vehicle which did not strain her finances.

If you are in your 20s and looking to buy a car, consider a used car. Here are some reasons for taking this route.

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Why it is practical to buy a used car in your 20s

1. Affordability: This is a major reason many people in their 20s buy used cars. You may just be starting off in your professional life. Your savings may not be much and your salary may not be high. At such a time, buying a new car can be a financial burden. A used car is a cheaper option, making it an ideal solution.

2. Driving skills: Have you just started driving? It would be a good idea to buy a used car and practice your driving skills. You would not want to buy an expensive new car and dent or damage it accidently because you are not an experienced driver. A used car is right for this phase.

3. Easy financing: A used car loan is easier to get than a new car loan. It is cheaper as well. So, you can pay off the loan without financial trouble. Used car EMIs are much lower, so they will not affect other financial obligations.

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4. Protected buying: Reputed used car dealers check the cars in detail and certify them. This is useful for buyers in their 20s because they may not have much knowledge about cars. Buying a used car from such a dealer is a safe option.

5. More options: Young people like having more options, and the used car market is huge. You can find cars of all sizes, brands, and price ranges. This gives you a large pool to choose from, ensuring you find a car that is right for you.

Buying a used car in your 20s is a great idea. It is practical as it allows you to own a vehicle at minimal cost. So, look out for a good used car and drive home your own vehicle today.