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5 Best Used Cars to Buy in Chennai

Mar 06, 2017

Pre-owned cars offer more value, for less money. A large number of individuals are opting for used cars in the city of Chennai, mainly due to rising inflation rates. Additionally, the cost of steel and rubber has increased, which has made new cars more expensive.

Pre-owned cars put less financial strain on the buyer's pocket. Besides, the cost for registration and insurance is lower for second-hand cars, giving it an additional advantage over new cars.

Many individuals prefer used cars in Chennai. The used car market is growing rapidly in the city. Presently, automobile manufacturers that have a strong hold in the used car market are Honda, Maruti, Tata, Mahindra, and Toyota. Though there are other players in the market, these auto makers dominate the second-hand car industry.

Following are the five best-selling used cars in Chennai:

  1. Maruti Swift
    Maruti remains the top choice of buyers in the used car segment. Used car buyers prefer Maruti Swift due to its reasonable cost and stylish exteriors. The car is also blessed with classy looks and comfortable seats with abundant storage area. A major USP of the Maruti Swift is its fuel-efficiency. People of Chennai opt for this brand due to its reputed image in the automobile sector.
  2. Mahindra Scorpio
    This car, by Mahindra and Mahindra, has plush interiors and ensures every journey taken is a safe one. This is mainly due to its tough and rugged features, coupled with aggressive looks, a powerful engine, and a grand deck. This car is best-suited for long trips and is a great family vehicle.
  3. Toyota Innova
    Toyota Innova is one of the top-selling models in the used car segment of Chennai. This is due to its low running costs and ladder-frame chassis. This model is very easy to maintain and is known to be a tough vehicle. Though the resale value of this multi-purpose car is very high, it is a popular choice among people.
  4. Honda City
    Ever since Honda entered the Indian automobile sector, it has seen tremendous sales of both used and new cars. The Honda City is recommended by car experts for its perceived reliability over other car brands. The City model has comfortable seats and a spacious boot. It is a great choice for potential buyers of a used car.
  5. Maruti Omni
    Maruti Omni is a versatile car that has been a favorite among many households in India, especially in the city of Chennai. The Omni is known for its exceptional reliability. The car has minimal running costs, versatile space, sliding doors, and many more features that add to its unique charm.

With greater availability of second-hand cars, consumers have a variety of cars to choose from. Moreover, buying a used car makes financial sense for those with budget constraints. In addition to this, the organized car market in India is growing at a rapid rate. Driven by such factors, the pre-owned car market is experiencing a boom. Getting a used car loan has also become simple to facilitate the process of buying your car.