4 Features to Look Out for in Your Used Car

Mar 10, 2017

While buying a used car you must think beyond the make and model of the vehicle. Dealers generally have several vehicles of the same model that come with different features. Therefore, before selecting the car, you may understand the features that would suit your personal needs.

Here are four features you must look out for in your used car.

1. Cruise control

If you wish to drive long distances frequently, it is advisable to purchase a car that comes with cruise control. Taking long drives on highways with your feet in the same position may be extremely tiring without this feature. Therefore, if you plan to drive on highways, including cruise control in the must-have features is recommended.

2. Power systems

When you purchase a used car with power steering, power seats, and other conveniences, it will significantly improve your driving experience. Some of the latest high-end models have the ability to remember driver's preferences, and therefore, your previous settings are automatically adjusted.

3. Keyless entry

Although keyless entry may be a common feature today, you will be surprised to know that this option is still not available for several cars. The vehicles do not provide remote unlocking and locking for your convenience. Ensuring the car you purchase includes keyless entry as a standard feature is advisable.

4. Low-profile tires

Several cars provide low-profile tires along with larger wheel rims. This is not only aesthetically appealing but also helps in improved acceleration and better car handling. This is usually an aftermarket option. Therefore, it is possible that such tires may not be provided by the car manufacturers and the previous owner may have added the same to the vehicle.

Here are three things you must keep in mind while buying a used car.

  1. Determine your budget
    If you are planning to apply for a used car loan, it is recommended to check with the lenders about the maximum loan amount you may receive. This will help you determine your budget and ensures you do not face financial difficulties to pay for the vehicle.
  2. Choose the right dealer
    You may purchase a used car directly from the owner or through a dealer. It is recommended you buy the vehicle through a certified and registered used car dealer. This may enable you to avail of an extended warranty along with the manufacturer's original warranty.
  3. Examine the car's condition
    You must check if the car is in a good condition to ensure you do not spend a huge amount on maintenance. Taking a test drive to determine the condition of the car and getting the car inspected by a professional mechanic is important. Moreover, a certified dealer will check the condition of the vehicles before putting the cars up for sale and purchasing through such dealers is beneficial.

While purchasing a used car, you may consider the aforementioned factors. This will ensure you do not face any difficulties during the purchase process and make the best choice within your budget.