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Mar 07, 2017

When you transact with us you're signing up with a recognized and awarded provider of financial services who believe in doing what's right for you, and are committed to helping individuals and communities meet the economic and even social challenges they face.

We started operations in 2007 to provide transparent financial services to a wide range of individuals and organisations across states to bring about holistic economic uplift and fiscal freedom to pursue one's/their ambitions.

  • In our primary line of work as financial services providers, we see our B2C loans division as an enabler of a wide range of activities and subsequently a vital part of a healthy economy.
  • Which is why our retail loans division fuels home buys, automobile buys - both commercial and personal, purchase of consumer durables, two-wheelers, you name it.
  • For the rural Indian, we fund such wealth-generating activities as dairy development, food processing, horticulture, land and water body development, tractor and farm-equipment purchases and much more.

From the broader perspective of nation-building, we conducted the rigorous 2-week India4India survey in October 2014 to get a sense of what respondents perceived as the major social issues that India needs to overcome.

Commissioned and executed by Tata Capital, the research was based on an online study accumulating responses from 1001 respondents and 5000 votes. The survey identified Basic Healthcare, Illiteracy, Food Scarcity, Child Rights and Women Empowerment as the top challenges. These are the areas in which Tata Capital focuses its CSR initiatives till date.

Since its commencement, our Do Right platform (www.doright.in) has seen several worthy and commendable individuals and organizations hand-picked by our teams receive crowdfunding to support them in their initiatives and work. We also use the specific insights gleaned through the research process to better guide how we design our wide range of financial service offerings.

Today, we are a respected, tried and tested provider of one-stop financial services catering to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers, across various areas of business, namely Commercial and Infrastructure Finance, Wealth Management, Consumer Loans like business loans, home loans etc. and distribution and the marketing of Tata Cards.

And when you choose us, or any of our sister firms or subsidiaries, know that the guiding credo behind all our services will always be to do what's right for you.