No company ever set down with a Midas touch! Not even Google, which started as ‘Backrub’ in a small dorm room at Stanford University. Money has always been at the core of any business. Especially now, when the economic downturn has sent many into financial despair, the need for business credit has become more pronounced.

A business loanhas quickly become the most efficient way for a company to keep afloat and expand. From investment in infrastructure to new product launches and cash flow management, you can avail business credit to scale your business rapidly.

Any business entity, both professional and non-professional (self-employed), can obtain business credit with relative ease. And unlike traditional finance, lenders today have made business credit more widely available, especially to small-scale enterprises.

Business credit today

Back in the day, business finance was synonymous with a tedious application process, strict credit evaluation, and exhaustive documentation. But fortunately, business loan application steps have become much more straightforward. Not to mention, the rules around business credit have become much more relaxed over the years.

Today, lenders offer useful tools like business loan EMI calculator to help borrowers better estimate the costs involved. Most of the application procedure now happens online at the convenience of the borrower. Especially in the wake of COVID-19, many lenders have invested in technology to transform operations for improved efficiency – from interactive consumer apps to online facility for document verification.

In addition to the rapid digitalisation, the relief measures from both the Indian government and RBI have effectively nursed the liquidity crisis in the financial sector. Most notably, RBI’s decision to cut down the policy repo rate by 75 basis points allowed borrowers to avail business credit at reduced business loan interest rate.

Coupled with the subordinated debt and unsecured loans facility for many stressed MSMEs, the relief measures helped alleviate the liquidity crisis further. Nonetheless, under the current economic circumstances, if your company needs immediate funds to build financial resilience against COVID-19, business credit may prove particularly useful.

Here are five easy ways to avail of business finance in no time.

#1 Learn about loan types and application mediums

People often associate business credit with strict eligibility criteria, accompanied by long waiting periods. In truth, business credit is relatively easy to obtain today, with a variety of options to choose from. You can select a suitable type of loan based on business necessity, from business expansion to equipment finance.

Standard business loans include:

• MSME & SME loan –

A type of loan specially designed to fund operations of any micro, small, or medium-sized enterprises.

• Working Capital loan –

A type of loan taken to finance everyday operations in a company, especially when the liquidity is inadequate.

• Machinery loan –

A type of loan, which helps enterprises obtain funds for buying new equipment or machinery and enhance productivity.

Once you have narrowed down the type of business loan, apply with a lender of choice. Nowadays, you can apply online or offline, based on convenience. But before you do, make sure you understand the eligibility conditions to a T.

Generally, application forms for business finance comprise of two sections – business details and personal details. Make sure to fill the data fields with the correct information for a smooth process.

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#2 Prepare essential documents

Know why sometimes sanctioning of business finance face delays? Mostly due to a lack of appropriate preparation. On the contrary, when you prepare the essential documents in advance, you can furnish them on time and speed up the process naturally.

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Besides, the verification process has become much relaxed today. Many lenders now provide online verification facility, which you can access easily, from anywhere. You only need to upload the required documents in a specific format. Once verified, lenders usually contact you to inform you about the application status.

However, since documentation typically varies for different lenders and loan types, you should always consult the lending institution to prepare well. In any case, a lender may ask you to furnish documents such as:

  • Correctly filled application form
  • Detailed business plan
  • Up to the last six months of company bank statements
  • KYC documents of the company (PAN card, Ownership papers)
  • KYC documents of the business owner (CIBIL score, PAN number)
  • Income tax returns for the last two years
  • Audited balance sheet for the previous two years

As you may know, of the various business loan application steps, document verification is one of the most crucial ones. Make sure the documents are duly attested and audited as required. Any improper paperwork will eventually lead to delays.

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#3 Use a business loan calculator

Another easy way to assure approval is to fill out the exact loan amount you can afford to borrow. Many lenders today host online business loan EMI calculatorfree of cost. Use one to estimate the amount you can repay without difficulty. Your monthly income should ideally balance the sum because lenders typically evaluate creditworthiness based on income.

#4 Practice caution for certain factors

Of the many business loan application steps,loan approval typically takes the longest. While there are ways to speed up the approval process, most usually come to no avail. This is because, irrespective of how well you prepare the necessary paperwork, loan approval is always done on an individual basis. As a result, what may work for one borrower may not work for you?

Nonetheless, you can quickly turn the tides in your favour if you practice caution for factors such as:

• Type of loan –

If you only need the loan to finance inventory purchase, applying for a working capital loan does not make sense. Make sure you choose a loan type to fit your business needs to avoid bad debt. Besides, with the right kind of loan, you can also secure a competitive business loan interest rate.

• Business plan –

Be transparent about the financial health of your business, without omissions or additions. Also, detail out how you will use the borrowed funds to earn the trust of the lender. You can use a business loan EMI calculator to make financial projections. A comprehensive business plan backed by suitable credit history will enhance your credibility and consequently, chances of approval.

• Credit score –

Your credit score validates your creditworthiness. Make sure you have a score above 700 for assured loan approval, especially since most lenders will evaluate your business loan eligibility based on it. If not, try to raise the score before you apply.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, you should expect a personal discussion with a loan officer/underwriter. Lending institutions usually hold talks with the borrower to understand the various objectives related to the loan.

They may ask you about your educational qualification, previous debts, income sources, and more. To ensure the discussion ends on a positive note, maintain transparency in your answers. Talk about your financial state clearly, and with confidence.

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#5 Methods to employ for speedy disbursal

On average, the process from loan application to disbursal typically takes about 3-4 days and primarily rides on how satisfactorily you filled the application form. If lenders encounter any incorrect information or missed data field, they may delay or reject the loan in some cases. Because a loan application form collects relevant information about the borrower, you must apply carefully. Or else, you may have to repeat the business finance application steps from the start.

Likewise, in the loan application form, only mention a loan amount you can repay quickly. A business loan calculator will come handy to make such estimates. You can also approximate the EMIs and plan your finances similarly. Remember, lenders usually favour borrowers who have a business plan in place. Therefore, exact loan quotation may lead to faster loan approval and subsequently, disbursal.

Moreover, you can use the following tips to speed up the disbursal process seamlessly:

  • Research the market for a suitable lender before you commit.
  • Make sure you follow all the business credit application steps to the T.
  • Facilitate open communication with the lender to understand major red flags.
  • Keep your financial record updated, especially in case of previous debts.
  • Pay off any outstanding debts to increase your capacity to borrow.
  • For a swift business loan, apply online as paperless loan disbursals are typically faster.

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To sum up

From business expansion to cash flow management, business finance offers a highly effective way for enterprises to raise the necessary capital and scale up swiftly. Not only can a business enjoy lucrative financial leverage, but avail a host of other monetary benefits.

Key benefits of availing business finance are:

  • Instant access to necessary funds, usually without collateral.
  • A relatively easy and quick application process.
  • Easy EMI estimation with tools like a business loan calculator, GST calculator, etc.
  • Maintain ample liquidity in the system in case of temporary shortfalls.
  • Build a strong credit profile with timely repayments.
  • Finance various business operations, from new equipment to payroll.

Aside from the benefits summarised above, business credit provides tax benefits as well. Did you know the interest outgo on business finance is tax-deductible? Write off the interest you pay on your loan as business expenditure to avail of tax deductions and cut down the total tax amount favourably.

Ready to apply?

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