Long gone are the days when businesses were considered just a city thing. With rapid rural development, a growing entrepreneurial spirit among the populace, and easily accessible business loans – more and more businesses are popping up in rural areas across India.

If you too are looking to open your own business, but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of the five most profitable business in rural areas in Indiato help you out.

1. Auto-repair business

With uneven roads and no fuel stations for miles, it’s pretty common for vehicles to break down in rural areas. Therefore, opening an auto repair shop is a great idea, especially where there are no shops for miles.

However, keep in mind that the more remote your shop location is, the harder it will be for you to stock up on auto-repair supplies. 

2. Fertiliser business

Since rural households are primarily dependent on agriculture, starting a fertiliser supplier business can be a fast-track to success. With that said, to start this business, you may require a slew of licenses and regulatory permits, along with filing applications with local authorities.

Plus, you might need to purchase a warehouse space for your inventory, which may require a significant investment. Luckily, with readily available loans, you can seamlessly fund your property purchase, and that too at low business loan interest rates.

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3. Tutor and exam preparation service

Not all regions are blessed with top-of-the-line training institutes for exam preparation. And not all exam aspirants can flock to cities for their exam preparation. You can come to their rescue by opening your own coaching institute.

Not only will this help the rural youth prepare for competitive exams and build their career, but it is also one of the most lucrative ideas for business in rural areas. 

4. Micro-lending services

Many rural communities still don’t have access to full-fledged financing services, leading to unorganised, predatory lenders taking advantage of their plight and charging exorbitant interest rates.

You can provide them easily accessible loans at reasonable interest rates by starting your own micro-lending firms. Since many people are looking for working capital, you will have a steady business on your hand, and the people will have a favourable lender on theirs.

5. Dairy supplier

Since milk is easy to come by in rural areas, you can quickly turn it into a profitable business. You can get milk from individual livestock producers and supply it to corporations or independent distributors in the city.

You can easily acquire the initial capital required through a lender at affordable interest rates and begin your business in no time.

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Over to you

Whatever business idea you have – either one from the list above or your own – Tata Capital is here to help you realise it with our competitive loans.             

Get affordable interest rates, fast processing, and easy eligibility – everything you need to build a thriving rural business.

Start planning your repayment schedule with our business loan EMI calculator.

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