Here is a fact! Home improvement never stops. And why should it? Giving your abode a makeover every once in a while keeps things fresh and improves utility.

Are you looking to transform your residential space this year? If so, then try these top 5 home renovation trends of 2021:

Go au naturalé

Turning towards nature never goes out of style! If you can manage, strip those tiled floors, and replace them with natural wooden laminates. Besides, a wooden floor looks rich but does not cost as much as a marble or granite floor.

You can also try using cork for tableware and other smaller furnishings. Get some shade-loving succulents like the Jade Terrarium and Aloe Vera to add greenery inside your home.

Lighting remains a game-changer for home décor

Something as simple as changing your light fixtures, adding chandeliers and switching from white light to warm, soft golden light can transform the mood inside your home. Consider an elegant lamp or glass chandelier for your formal seating area, but go for eclectic and quirky light pieces for lounging areas.

Now altering the lighting of your house is a great idea, especially when you club it with natural wooden floors. But, all of this can cost a bit. So, should you put these incredible ideas on hold or dent your savings? Not at all! Simply avail of a home renovation loan and finance your home improvement project.

Make a statement with deep colours

Move beyond the usual pale yellows, beige and white colours for your walls. Upgrade to the elegance of deep blue and olive hues or vine-coloured walls and ochre tinges. Don’t colour all walls in a room with deep shades. Choose highlighter walls or corners you wish would pop.

You can also try out dark coloured wallpaper on one of the walls in your bedroom. Slate grey or deep purple are some of the highlighter wall colours in trend this year.

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Choose sustainability

This trend is a no brainer! Whatever material you choose to renovate your home with, make sure it’s recyclable. Avoid too many plastic fixtures and go for materials like wood and aluminium. Windows, doors and floors made from these substances are 100% recyclable.

If possible, shell out some money or take a personal loan for home renovation and get solar panels installed at your home. These panels may cost a bit during installation but offer an incredible return in the long run.

Turn towards minimalism

The operative word here is ‘declutter’. Bid farewell to hoarding stuff you no longer need. The modern décor is all about ‘less is more’.

Choose chic furniture made from sustainable materials. Get rid of décor articles, showpieces that look out of place but are only there because you bought them long ago.

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Parting thoughts

Want to try out these home décor trends but are falling short on finances? Don’t fret! Turn to Tata Capital for a personal or home renovation loan.

We offer home improvement finance at flexible repayment terms, attractive personal loan interest rates, and minimal documentation. Apply today!

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