Asia Travel Insurance

Travel in peace anywhere in the world. Travel with Tata AIGs Travel Guard.

While you have meticulously planned every aspect of an international trip, there are still chances of things going awry due to events beyond your control. You could fall ill, lose your passport, have a flight delay and so on. For a complete bailout from such unnerving foreign travel experiences you need Tata AIG Travel Guard. It takes one single phone call and our worldwide network will offer that complete care away from home.

What are the key features of Tata AIG Travel Guard?

  • Coverage of Medical Expenses: Travel Guard takes care of your medical expenses due to accident and sickness while traveling so that you can concentrate on better things like enjoying the holiday.
  • Checked Baggage Loss: Compensation for the loss of checked in baggage.
  • Baggage delay: Compensation for reasonable expenses incurred for purchase of emergency personal effects due to delay in arrival of checked in baggage, whilst overseas.
  • Loss of Passport: Compensation for expenses incurred in obtaining a duplicate or new passport.
  • Personal Liability: Compensation for damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to property; caused involuntarily by the insured.
  • Hijacking: In an unfortunate event of your common carrier in which you are traveling; being hijacked, this product will pay a distress allowance to you.
  • In-hospital Indemnity: Travel Guard pays a Daily benefit for each day you are an inpatient in a hospital due to injury or sickness.
  • Trip Delay: Reimbursement of additional expenses occurred due to trip delay (only if the trip has been delayed for more than 12 hours).
  • Automatic-extension of the policy: Travel Guard allows you to extend your policy upto a period of 7 days from the policy expiry date.
  • Personal Accident: Travel Guard gives you worldwide coverage against Accidental Death and Dismemberment while you're abroad anywhere in the world.
  • Sickness Dental Relief: The policy pays for immediate Dental Treatment occurring due to sudden acute pain during the course of an overseas Insured Journey. Dental benefits will be provided for Medically Necessary filling of the tooth or surgical treatment, services, or supplies.

TATA AIG Travel Guard Insurance Benefits

  • Global Protection policy valid 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • You need no medical certification, whatever your age.
  • Renewable for life (For annual Multi Trip only).
  • 15 days Free Look period (For the new business & annual multi trip only)
  • 30 days Grace Period (For renewals annual multi trip only)
  • Travel Guard Assist : Emergency Assistance, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation across the Globe.