Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Car

Are you looking forward to buy a car for travel within and outside the city? Have you finally decided to let go of travelling by public transport because of the discomfort and pollution? If the answer to these questions is yes, then your next most important thing would be finding the car that takes care of your needs and fits your budget too. Mentioned below are answers to some of the most common queries every car buyer has.

1. Should I buy a New or a Used Car?

Well, this completely depends on the below factors:
  • Purpose of buying
  • Budget
  • Maintenance cost
  • Performance versus looks
Once you have answers to the above questions, you may go ahead and shortlist the options.

2. Should I buy a New or a Used Car?

This is one of the most common questions that people have before they purchase a car and understandably so. Reason being, cost of a used sedan from a reputed automobile manufacturer is sometimes equal to the cost of a new hatchback. In such scenarios, the mind will get tempted to possess a bigger car with a better brand. However, it is important to understand the pros and cons of both the types.
  • New Cars : The biggest advantage of getting a new car will be the advantage of warranty that comes along with it. Also, any good automobile brand will give you a car that will not give you performance issues at least for a couple of years. What you would also get is free servicing during the first year, which will keep your car in great condition. The number of free services would differ from one brand to the other. The main disadvantage of a new car is the price factor. A car in pristine condition comes with a heavy premium. However, with loan for new cars available easily you may go for this type if it fits your requirement
  • Used Cars:Earlier, it would be just plain luck to come across a used car in first-rate condition and with a major discount. Today, however, with car manufacturers and trusted dealers getting into the used car business, the conditions are slowly changing for the better. Yet, you should be extremely careful before buying a used car and take care to verify the below mentioned factors:
    • Number of kilometers run
    • Service schedule of the car
    • External condition of the car
    • Price tag versus original cost

    The main disadvantage of used cars is the trouble one has to take to get the issues fixed as and when they come up during the tenure. The good part is, with Tata Capital, you can apply for used car loans!

3. How will I Benefit by Applying for a Car Loan?

This is one of the most common questions that people have before they purchase a car and understandably so. The biggest advantage of a car loan is the flexibility of paying in EMIs. It gives you the opportunity of driving home your favorite car with a small down payment. Hence, you need not have to part with a big amount initially. You may also apply for car loans, online, from the comfort of your home. And, with Tata Capital, you can even opt for a flexible EMI plan to suit your needs, using our car loan calculator. Hence, taking a car loan is definitely recommended if repayment in EMIs suits you. 
Hope we’ve helped you make an informed decision.
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