Your Career at Tata Capital

Tata Capital has a reputation for integrity and high standards of business excellence and conduct. This reputation, built by the Tata Group over a hundred years, is reflected in the way we conduct business and is epitomized in all our transactions with our customers, employees and vendors.
Tata Capital has set high corporate standards, and the organization needs matching talent to meet these standards and aspirations. Individuals who display Tata Capital’s values of Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility would have ample opportunities within Tata Capital.
The Human Resources team at Tata Capital aims to offer employees an ideal environment to grow in their professional careers while giving maximum support to their learning and developmental aspirations.
We empower our employees by providing them the flexibility to manage their careers within the organization. After completing one year of service in the organization, employees are eligible to apply for any vacancy within the organization that may interest them, extending the flexibility to them to chart their own career path. 

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Tata Capital is an equal opportunities employer. Our core values guide us to treat all individuals with respect and dignity. It is against our culture to discriminate on grounds of age, gender, colour, race, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, economic or social status. We value the diversity reflected within India and other countries and markets in which we are present. We recognize the contribution that a diverse workforce brings with it and utilize this diversity to build long term partnerships both in business and society at large.

Affirmative Action

  • Affirmative Action is a program wherein Tata Capital has the opportunity to contribute in the “inclusive” growth of the country.
  • Tata Capital is socially responsible to uplift the under-privileged of the society and provide them a platform to be part of the mainstream.
  • Tata Capital works towards enabling the under-privileged communities to overcome social discrimination that has prevented them from realizing their true potential. We aim at assisting individuals from these communities for employment opportunities and as business associates.

The Affirmative Action initiative at Tata Capital works on a 4 point agenda:


  • We partner Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA) and provide educational sponsorship to under-privileged students.
  • We also sponsor students from these communities in their education and provide employment to them as part of the Graduate Trainee Program.


  • We partner with vocational institutes and offer vocational courses to the under-privileged communities to upgrade the skills of these individuals.
  • We aim to offer customized financial courses in partnership with these vocational institutes.
  • Our employees voluntarily participate in imparting skills to the under-privileged communities, that can be practiced in the industry as a whole.


  • We aim at hiring a percentage of our workforce from the under-privileged communities as part of the Graduate Trainee Program.


  • Experiencing unparalleled growth, we aim to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to members of the under-privileged communities.
  • It aims at providing requisite training to enable individuals from these communities to succeed as entrepreneurs.

An important message for all candidates

  1. Tata Capital and its subsidiaries DO NOT charge applicants any recruitment fee for gaining employment with Tata Capital and or its subsidiaries.
  2. Tata Capital and its subsidiaries DO NOT authorize any third party ( such as vendors, placement services, recruitment agencies etc) to make any employment offers to the applicants / candidates and neither collect any fee / registration / recruitment charges etc for referring and placing applicants / candidates with them.
  3. If you are approached for a fee, charges or payment of whatsoever nature  by anyone, Please do not make such payment and immediately write to us with full details on