Tata Capital Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited and is registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as a Systemically Important Non - Deposit Accepting Non - Banking Financial Company. (NBFC-ND-SI)

A trusted, customer-centric, one-stop financial services provider, Tata Capital caters to the diverse needs of retail, corporate and institutional customers, directly or indirectly through its subsidiaries, via seven broad areas of business, namely – Retail Finance, Corporate Finance, Investment Services, Investment Banking, Private Equity and Rural Finance.

Predominantly an Indian financial services organization catering to the domestic market, Tata Capital is also setting its footprints in the overseas markets. To this extent, Tata Capital has set up an International subsidiary – Tata Capital Pte Ltd. headquartered in Singapore.

Tata Capital was established as a single window interface finance company in 2007 that fulfills all the financial needs of retail and institutional customers in India. The Company is focused on providing multiple financial services through an extensive network of over 1,000 customer touch-points covering tier I, tier II and tier III cities.

 About Tata Capital








  • Subsidiaries and Affiliates
      Tata Capital is growing in reach and reputation through its spate of subsidiaries and affiliates:

    • Tata Securities Limited (TSL) - A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited. TSL engaged in Retail and Institutional Distribution and Broking. TSL distributes third-party investment products and offers stock broking services of buying, selling or dealing in securities, including Futures and Options, in its capacity as a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. TSL is also a Depository Participant.
    • Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited offering long-term lending for housing purposes. The company has received a certificate of registration from the National Housing Bank (NHB)
    • Tata Capital Markets Limited (TCML) - A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited. TCML has a Category-I Merchant Banking License from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and offers a bouquet of Merchant Banking services.
    • Tata Capital Pte. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited based out of Singapore and is envisaged to be Tata Capital’s global footprint.
    • TC Travel and Services Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited and offers services related to Ticketing & related services as well as Forex services.
    • e-Nxt Financials Limited is a BPO and KPO unit specialising in the area of financial services and is owned by Tata Capital Limited, Tata Sons Limited and others.
    • Tata Capital Limited also owns around 4% of equity capital of Development Credit Bank, a growing private sector bank.
  • Alliances
      Tata Capital realizes that alliances are important for delivering value to its customers. All alliances and partnerships are based on and are an extension of the Company’s core objects and values. These alliances are:

    • With Mizuho Securities Co. Ltd. to foster business cooperation in private equity, investment banking including cross border mergers and acquisitions, securities business including broking and distribution, structured finance and other business areas such as wealth management.
    • With Mizuho Corporate Bank Limited (MHCB) to foster business cooperation, enhancing cross-market value creation capabilities, strengthening competitive advantages in addition to aiding each other in gaining a deeper understanding of the Indian and Japanese markets. As part of the understanding, Tata Capital and MHCB will cooperate in a wide-range of business areas. Some of these include Ninja Loans, Project and Infrastructure Finance and Treasury Products.
    • With Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Co., Ltd to establish a basis of cooperation in a wide range of strategic business areas that include cross-border investment banking, global offering of Indian equities and working towards development of the local bond market.

    Our Offerings

    Varied Financial Products for fulfilling all your dreams

    Tata Capital offers a gamut of innovative and standard products encompassing all the financial needs of individuals as well as varied types of institutions and organizations.

    Personal Loans

    Be it a holiday abroad, your child’s education, home renovation, a wedding in the family, repayment of an existing loan, an emergency or even buying that precious gift for your loved one... with Tata Capital’s Personal Loans, you don’t have to worry about financing your dreams and responsibilities. 

    For further inquiries, write to us at contactus@tatacapital.com 

    For post-sales queries write to us at – contactus@tatacapital.com 

    Auto Loans

    With our transparency, simple and quick processing, we at Tata Capital have transformed the process of availing an auto loan into a cakewalk. We provide loans for purchasing new and used vehicles for both commercial and personal usage. We also offer customized loans for the entire range of Cars, MUVs, SUVs, Cross Over Vehicles and Premium Cars.

    For enquiries / pre-sales queries write to us at – contactus@tatacapital.com
    For post-sales queries write to us at – contactus@tatacapital.com
    or SMS-Auto to 56070.

    SME Finance

    We meet the various needs of growing entrepreneurs, aiding them in converting their business ventures into successful ones through our highly trained professionals forming an exclusive SME group. Providing you with the financial and related expertise to keep pace with dynamic markets and by translating insights into solutions that meet diverse financial needs, we stand by you as you plan, grow and manage your business.

    For further enquiries, write to us atcontactus@tatacapital.com

    Infrastructure Finance

    At Tata Capital, we cater to the growing needs of the infrastructure sector with an array of attractive finance schemes to suit the varying requirements of our customers.

    For further enquiries, write to us at infraloans@tatacapital.com

    Investment Services

    Tata Securities Limited (TSL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Capital Limited. At TSL, we distribute third-party investment products like Mutual Funds, Capital Gain Bonds, IPOs, RBI Bonds and offer advisory services backed by research. We also offer stock broking services and assist our clients in buying, selling or dealing in securities, including Futures and Options, in our capacity as a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

    In adherence to the Tata philosophy of always acting in the best interest of the customer, we maintain high standards of integrity, transparency and fairness in the conduct of our business.

    For more details, visit www.tatasecurities.com You can also write to us at contactus@tatacapital.com

    Call us Toll Free at 1800-209-209-2 or sms TSL to 56767

    Wealth Management

    The Tata Capital Wealth Management offering aspires to typify the trust and tradition of the house of Tata. Our advisory services on financial planning, investment management, estate planning and more will help you gain maximum benefit from your savings. As you cross different milestones in life, we hope to stand by your side as your guide, advising you in making prudent wealth decisions. Our disciplined and systematic planning process, coupled with expertise, will help us provide you with service superior to the industry players.

    For further enquiries, write to us at contactus@tatacapital.com

    Investment Banking

    Tata Capital Investment Banking offers financial advisory and capital market services to its clients. We help companies raise capital by issuing securities in the equity and debt capital markets (both public issuances and private/ institutional placements) and through private equity and debt syndication. We also assist companies by advising them on transactions such as acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, spin-offs and restructuring. 

    For further enquiries, write to us at investmentbanking@tatacapital.com

    Private Equity

    Tata Capital Private Equity identifies, funds, nurtures and profitably exits companies with significant growth potential. We leverage the might of the Tata Group in terms of its knowledge, people, network and brands to strategically support investor companies and ensure a profitable investment for our investors. 

    For further enquiries, write to us at privateequity@tatacapital.com

    Treasury Advisory Services

    Tata Capital Treasury Risk Management Advisory Team provides a wide range of risk management advisory services involving market risk advisory, designing risk management policies and solutions. It also covers and advising on accounting and regulatory aspects to corporate sectors and financial institutions. Our advisory services encompass all financial markets viz. currency, interest rates, money market and commodity markets.

    We advise on financial reporting (IGAAP, IAS139, and FAS133), regulatory compliances, information systems and internal controls. Our goal is to provide complete and practical solutions to manage the various market risk factors and convert them into an opportunity, wherever possible. For the same, we analyze and understand the clients´ business processes and needs, the business environment, the organization’s core competencies and business requirements. Our services also include providing ratings advisory.

    For further enquiries, write to us at treasuryadvisory@tatacapital.com

    Special Situations Investment business

    Business enterprises often find themselves in special situations due to unforeseen fluctuations in business and economic cycles, underutilized capacities, excessive leverage, poor working capital management, rapid growth not supported by strong systems and processes and so on, thus resulting in lower than possible profitability or poor financial health. While large enterprises may be able to access capital and expertise to turnaround, small and medium sized enterprises often find it difficult to get such access.

    The Special Situations Investment Business (SSIB) partners with such enterprises, mostly small and medium sized, by investing in the capital of such enterprises and supporting their management in effecting turnaround, thereby creating value for the shareholders. Besides the diverse skills that SSIB offers in turnaround management, it also leverages the strengths of the Tata Group by way of accessing customers, vendors, people, expertise or other resources, in creating value for such enterprises. 

    The investment strategy of SSIB is focused on creating value through improving operational efficiencies, consolidation, leveraging of Tata Group synergies, and planning exits to realize the value created.

    The SSIB would also invest in distressed debt restructuring through an Asset Reconstruction Company. Towards this end, SSIB has acquired a strategic stake in the equity capital of International Asset Reconstruction Company Private Limited, through which it will invest in distressed debt as well as support the reconstruction efforts of the ARC.

    For further enquiries, write to us at ssib@tatacapital.com